BFF: Together it’s Politics as Usual…


This is a painting I did a while back….well, one whole year.  It’s about the bickering across party lines and the lack of compromise for the people.




As a father of a teenage daughter, I often think about women’s rights and the many cultural influences she faces today.  This piece is about the absurd amount of pressure young women face when trying to conform to the media depiction of beauty.  It’s about the moving in the wrong direction as a country and the depression caused by feeling inferior. Simon says: “See Jane run.  Jane is pretty.”

Trust Simon


“Did you serve?”  This question forced an inward examination.  What did I serve? In what context do I receive this question? I enlisted in the military if that’s what you’re referring to.  I was young, dumb and signed the line.  Then, after I “served” my designated time, they decided I was too valuable to let go, so I “served” another year.  Then someone asked me to talk about it.  “They told me what to do, and I did it.  I didn’t ask questions.”  My response made me question the role of authority not only in the military industrial complex but also in the societal influence of the United States.  Simon represents those that attempt to control or influence our actions.  They are the man behind the curtain.  They are the famed instructor of the children’s game. Remember, trust Simon….he only has your best interests in mind.